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                                Leverage Our Expertise to Grow Your Business

                                Expanding your broadband operations and branching your network into new territories comes with risks and rewards. Market insight, speed to market, and easy access to towers in the right locations are all crucial to success.

                                We want to work with you to identify sites and plan a wireless network that is scalable as you expand your business, while also reducing total cost of ownership. To get started, we’ll provide you with a free marketplace analysis, which includes key information about the communications sites in target coverage areas, such as population and business counts and fiber availability.

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                                Get Exclusive Offers

                                Check out our exclusive program offers for WISPs and fixed wireless and other rural operators, which are designed to work for your unique business needs, with special pricing and benefits for expanding rural broadband.


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                                As financial assistance from the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Rural Digital Opportunity Fund (RDOF) becomes available, we will continue to develop specialized programs that help our WISP and rural operator customers quickly and easily extend broadband throughout rural America.

                                Accelerate Time to Market

                                Supplement your resources with access to systems and people dedicated to getting you connected faster—whether you’re building a new network or expanding an existing one:

                                • Search for towers, apply for sites, and track projects online.
                                • Review your strategy and execution plan with industry veterans to reduce the risk of unexpected delays.
                                • Collaborate with teams who have the resources, experience, and know-how needed to meet your deadlines.
                                • Find ideal towers in remote and rural locations to support your expansion.

                                Optimize ROI, Reduce Total Cost of Ownership

                                Check out a webinar discussion where American Tower and Redzone Wireless?, a leading rural ISP, share their knowledge on considerations for simplifying fixed wireless deployments.

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                                Redzone Wireless? is a registered trademark of Redzone Wireless LLC.

                                Rural Tower

                                Our Tower Portfolio Highlights


                                tower sites across U.S.


                                percent of towers located in rural and suburban areas1


                                percent of rural and suburban towers that meet or exceed 150 feet1

                                1 Based on American Tower methodology leveraging U.S. Census population data

                                Start Looking for the Right Towers Today

                                Use our site locator tool to find ideal towers from our extensive site portfolio for your rural network expansion. To view additional details or to apply for these assets, please log in or create an American Tower account.

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                                Meet Our Team

                                Carlos Sayles

                                David Flint

                                Manager, Vertical Markets

                                David has more than 20 years of telecommunications industry experience. As a long-time member of the American Tower sales organization, he’s had both regional and national responsibilities. Today, he’s leading business development for rural operators and our energy initiatives, including the Oil & Gas and utilities markets.

                                david.flint@www.xuanbu14.icu843-971-8385, ext. 2481
                                Rick Olivares

                                Rick Olivares

                                Manager, Vertical Markets

                                Rick is a skilled telecommunications and sales professional, with more than 20 years of industry experience helping customers identify and meet wireless network business objectives. Currently, he’s leading business development for WISPs in the Western U.S.

                                Ryan Peterson

                                Ryan Peterson

                                Manager, Vertical Markets

                                Ryan has more than 10 years of telecommunications industry experience. He joined the American Tower sales organization in 2015, and since 2017 has been working exclusively with WISPs in the Eastern U.S., helping customers grow revenues by deploying and strengthening wireless broadband networks.


                                More About Our Solutions


                                Get the Support You Deserve

                                Get the Support You Deserve

                                When you choose to work with American Tower, we want to ensure you feel continually supported. Our teams take customer service seriously, and we are committed to providing a positive experience to every customer, every time.

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